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‘Club’ means the name of the leisure club on the front of these terms and conditions

‘Leisure Member’ means a person who is entitled to use all the leisure facilities at the club

‘Payment Method’ a current, valid, accepted method of payment

‘Rules’ means the terms and conditions of membership and all other rules and regulations made by us which are applicable to the membership of the club ‘We’, ‘Our’ or ‘Us’ means Cairn Hotel Group Limited or its subsidiaries, or if different, the company which is the owner of the club from time to time ‘You’ means the person named on the application form and any joint or family member



a) Unless otherwise indicated, all notices shall be given in writing/email to you at the address notified to us by you or displayed on the designated notice boards within the club

b) All notices to be given by you to us must be in writing/email: [email protected]

c) We do not operate this facility with patrolling lifeguards. All guests, members and hotel guests use the leisure facilities at their own risk

d) We cannot be held responsible for the loss/damage to your belonging while on the premises, including the car park and changing rooms. We strongly recommend valuables are not brought to the leisure club/spa



a) We may offer a number of membership plans, including special promotional plans or memberships with differing conditions and limitations. Any materially different terms from those described in these Terms of Use will be disclosed at your sign-up or in other communications made available to you

b) We reserve the right to modify, terminate or otherwise amend our offered membership plans

c) Use of the Wave Fitness and Leisure Club is subject to the Rules

d) Membership is granted to individuals who upon joining are 18 years of age or above unless a child membership is purchased and children under 18 years of age are accompanied by an adult at each visit

e) Corporate and Student discounted memberships are subject to confirmation of eligibility through presentation of valid ID or other appropriate documentation. Such documentation must be presented upon members first visit to Wave Fitness and Leisure Club and upon subsequent membership renewals. Identification may also be requested from time-to-time during the membership period

f) Previous memberships are renewed on the understanding previous accounts are clear of arrears/unpaid charges

g) Details of all current rates and membership options referred to in this agreement are available from the Wave Fitness and Leisure Club leisure reception

h) 30 days written notice will be given before any additional/amendments to membership subscriptions

i) You will be provided with a membership card upon your first visit as a member. The membership card shall remain our property and upon termination of your membership the card will be returnable to us on demand. You must carry your card when visiting the club and show it to the club reception or member of the club management when asked to do so. Membership cards are in no circumstances transferrable, and their loss should be reported immediately to the club reception. Misuse of the membership cards can result in termination of your membership

j) Annual membership purchased online is for an initial 12-month period unless stated otherwise upon application. For clarity if a promotion offers one month or the equivalent free, the membership period shall be 13-months.

k) If notice is not given to us, annual membership will automatically expire on the last date of your membership.



a) Unless otherwise stated, you will pay a joining/activation fee upon application for membership at the current rates

b) By starting your Wave Fitness and Leisure Club membership and providing or designating a Payment Method, you authorize us to charge you a fee (either monthly or annually, depending on your membership plan) at the then current rate to your Payment Method

c) If you have selected a monthly membership – your Wave Fitness and Leisure Club membership will continue in effect on a month-to-month basis unless and until you cancel your membership or we terminate it. We will bill the membership fee to your Payment Method at the beginning of each period. You must cancel your membership before it renews each period in order to avoid billing of the next period’s membership fees to your Payment Method.

d) No refund will be made for any unused portions of the annual membership should you wish to terminate this agreement before its expiry date, unless due to authorized suspension, for supported medical reasons or bereavement.

e) You may end your membership with us by giving one calendar month written notice. Notice can run alongside the last month of your membership, in conjunction with the agreed notice period as highlighted in II

f) In the event you are unable to present your cancellation letter in person, email or recorded delivery will be deemed acceptable. Cancellation by phone is not accepted

g) On re-joining you may be subjected to re-join/activation fees and new membership tariffs.

h) We may end this agreement if:

  1. You seriously or repeatedly break the club rules of membership.
  2. If you cannot put it right within 7 days of us writing to you the damage you caused with intent.
  3. You lend your membership card to another person.
  4. You use rude or abusive language
  5. Threaten or use violent behaviour at the club/hotel or act in such a way it disturbs the enjoyment of
  6. other users or endangers the good reputation of the club

– We give you 30 days’ notice

i) If we end your membership in accordance to Clause f) 5, we will not grant future applications for membership at any club operated by us

j) We will refund any unused portion of subscription not joining fee

k) Refunds made for any unused portion of block bookings are subject to refund after the reinstallation of promotional discounts

l) All monetary refunds are issued from Head Office and not at club/hotel level. We cannot alter due payments as compensation

m) Should your termination be through wilful damage to club property this will be taken into consideration where refunds are concerned

n) If we decide to close the club permanently, we will write to you with at least 30 days’ notice before the date of closure



a) You can suspend your membership for medical reasons (Doctors Note required at your expense)

b) You are not permitted into the club during your suspension period

c) You are not eligible for discounts/membership benefits during the suspension period

d) Members are required to complete an onsite Membership Amendment Form for suspensions

e) Should your doctor deem your health not to benefit from membership, your membership will be terminated with immediate effect

f) On expiry of suspension, your membership will automatically start up again and monthly direct debit will be collected as agreed upon original application

g) Suspension is not cancellation of membership



a) Children are deemed 0yrs until 17yrs old and must be accompanied at all times by an adult of 18yrs or over

b) The ratio for child supervision for the pool area is: 1 adult: 2 children

c) Children under the age of 17yrs are not permitted to use the gymnasium nor partake in any group exercise classes

d) We advise that children under the age of 8yrs are not permitted to use the Sauna, Steam Room, or Whirlpool

e) Children under the age of 17yrs are not permitted to use the solarium (if applicable)

f) Children who are between 8-17yrs are not permitted into the opposite sex changing areas

g) We will not serve anyone under the age of 18yrs at the bar

h) Children are not permitted into the spa facilities



a) You are entitled to use the facilities as laid out in accordance with the terms of your membership

b) Should any of our leisure facility be unavailable for use, all reasonable effort will be made to notify you in advance

c) Compensation may be considered if the leisure club in its entirety is closed down for 21 days or more.

Compensation does not apply to:

  1. Permanent closure of the facility
  2. Temporary closures due to tournaments/refurbishments
  3. Reasons outside our control such as weather conditions, health and safety matters, flooding, or fire where we cannot avoid the closure

d) Wherever possible we will give 30 days’ notice of permanent closure for reasons outside of our control

e) Club operational hours will be displayed at the leisure club reception. Wherever possible, 30 days’ notice will be displayed on designated notice boards for changes in times, i.e. Christmas/Bank Holidays

f) You and your guests are required to adhere to all signage, paying particular attention to the hygienic requests appertaining to the pool and gymnasium use

g) Outdoor shoes must be covered in the pool area. Pushchairs and prams are not permitted on poolside

h) You and your guests must adhere to all warnings and instructions displayed throughout the club

i) All members and their guests are requested to undertake instruction in the safe use of equipment in the gymnasium/fitness suite. You can make an appointment by contacting our leisure reception

j) You should not partake in any physical activity you may not be fit for. You are responsible for monitoring your own condition during physical activities. We will not take responsibility for any harm/injury sustained by you or your guests in any activity unless it is through our negligence or failure to take reasonable care

k) All users are requested to seek medical advice before commencing any physical activity

l) Glass, glass objects, crockery, electrical equipment and inflatable’s (other than those used as swimming aids) are not permitted in the pool area

m) Photography and filming is prohibited in any part of the facility without prior consent of the Hotel Manager

n) Mobile phones and cameras are not permitted in the changing areas or on poolside

o) You must obey any instructions given by staff or management

p) We may restrict the pool at certain times for swimming lessons, exercise classes, adult’s only sessions or other activities.



a) Only members aged 18 yrs or over may bring a guest to Wave Fitness and Leisure Club

b) As the member, you are responsible for the guest and their behaviour. You must ensure your guest adheres to the rules and regulations of the club

c) Guests are permitted at the non-member day rate as displayed at leisure reception

d) Only two guests are permitted per member at any one time

e) We do not offer free trials. Guests may have their non-member fee offset against initial set up fees upon joining, provided they join before close of business the same day

f) We do not offer any non-member membership option



a) Members and guests are requested to wear a form of attire suitable for the time of day, place and occasion

b) No food, crockery or glass is allowed in the changing rooms, pool areas or gymnasium

c) No pets are allowed in the leisure club unless they are registered assistance dogs

d) Club entry and exit is only allowed through the leisure club reception, unless in cases of emergency

e) In the event of evacuation you are to adhere to the requests of any hotel staff member or management. Refusal to vacate or adhere to instructions given may result in your membership being terminated

f) Lockers are provided but valuables are left at your own risk. No responsibility will be taken for the loss of belongings while using these lockers, locked or otherwise. You are advised not to bring valuables when you visit. We are unable to take charge of any personal belongings/valuables while

you use the facilities

g) Lockers must be vacated at the end of your visit. Commandeered lockers will be opened using any force required. The contents, unless perishable, will be stored for 90 days and then disposed of.

Perishable substances such as food/drink will be disposed of immediately. No compensation will be offered in any of these aforementioned circumstances

h) Please hand any found lost property to a member of the leisure club team.

i) Lost membership cards are replaced at £15.00 per card.

j) All members must provide truthful information at the point of application and photographs will be taken as part of the membership application process. We take the photograph upon first visit to Wave Spa and Leisure.



All members and their guests enter the premises and partake in activities at their own risk. We will not be held responsible for any damage/loss to belongings while on the premises unless damage/loss is through our direct negligence